Decree of 07/09/2005 establishing the organization and functions of the Treasury of the Wilaya.
Pursuant to Articles 10 and 11 of Executive Decree No. 91-129 of 5.11.1991, modified and supplemented above referred to in this Order aims to establish the organization and functions of the Treasury of the Wilaya.
Thus the Treasury of the Wilaya of Mascara is organized in eight offices, twenty-two divisions and eight brigades verification.

The tasks assigned to these structures are:

Personal management and means of cash Wilaya, and documentation, training and conservation of archives.
The implementation of the state's operating budget.
The implementation of the state's capital budget
The implementation of the operations of special Treasury accounts
The performance of public institutions administrative budget
The control and verification of establishments teachings of EPA Authorities and expenditure and revenue

The recovery of foreign claims to tax and Domaine
Monitoring recovery perception titles, enforcement orders and notices to other holders.
The regulation of public expenditure and transfers to banks, CCPs and financial organization.
The opposition on mandatements
The Credit Management operation, equipment, and local authorities, and monitoring of available funds.
The general accounts of the Treasury of the province and various operations with the financial rules.

Portfolio management, management of funds deposit accounts of financial institutions, administrative, notaries accounts, transplants, individual and good management of facilities and treasury bills.
The management and payment of the Mujahideen pensions, widows chahides, son and daughters of chahides and disabled.
The monitoring of the service deposits and deposit operations.
The account management: establishment and monitoring of accounts managements of the Wilaya, the EPA, the various state agencies.
The management of transfers and payments of checks by remote composation system.

The control and verification of Treasuries Communal management accounts and the health sector and the clearance of their accounts.
Control of budgets of municipalities and the health sector.
In terms of the computer system, the Treasury of the Wilaya shall:

To install and operate applications
To ensure data security and equipment
To realize the actions initiated by the central services.
To transmit the accounting data and to ensure the proper functioning of the system.
The Treasury of the Mascara Province gathers thirteen (13) Treasuries attached to the Directorate General Accounting according decree No. 03/40 of 19/01/2003 and are distributed as follows:

11 Communal Treasuries
02 Sanitary Treasuries Sectors

The Treasury of the Wilaya of Mascara is composed of an effective strength of 145 divided into the following grades:



As regards training; it is reported that every year a training program for the Wilaya Cash Personal and Communal Treasuries Treasuries and Sanitary sectors are expected to attend training and retraining following schedule drawn by the Directorate General of Accounting.


It is important to remember that every year a significant number of all ranks are recruited agents at the line item above cited above.

Thus a number of 77 new recruits in the years 2012 and 2013.


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