Pursuant to Executive Order No. 59/265 September 6, 1995 to specific functions of general business services and codification, local government regulations and its function, the direction of codification and General Affairs was created as infrastructure and current allocationsand its mission is the implementation of all the measures which includes the application of general rules, as it ensures the smooth and supports common services of the wilaya.

According to Article No. 04 of the Order of the interests of management are:

  1. Ensure that they apply and respect the general codification.
  2. Check the laws of regulatory measures at local level.
  3. Ensure electoral and administrative operations to conduct voters APC and APW.
  4. Inform the decisions of the administration and the community.
  5. Apply the regulation on the movement of citizens.
  6. Follow the contentious issue of the province and the decisions of the county.
  7. Follow the procedures availableand put at the service of the state for the general interest.

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