The activities of the management office and training of civil servants of the wilaya:

Continuity of management study and careers of different categories of civil servants.

A meeting was held on 19.03.2015 by the presence of these gentlemen: Secretary General of the wilaya, the Inspector General, personnel department head, head of the budgets with the Deputy director of the university and 05 teachers responsible training, the agenda was to enrich the program and the training object.

In this context, the personnel department continues:

• Study and ratification of the promotion decisions in the ranks.

• Study and the ratification of the appointment decisions in the grade.

• Study and ratification of confirmation decisions in the grade.

Organization and tasks of the Directorate of the Local Administration:

  1. Studying, propose and implement the management methods used for joint services of the wilaya staff.
  2. Study and develop all the shares of development and training of personnel.
  3. Collect, analyze and disseminate documentation necessary for the smooth functioning of municipal services.
  4. Carry out such studies and analysis for the Wilaya and municipalities to consolidate and optimize their financial resources.
  5. Update documents related to the management of the assets of the Wilaya.
  6. Examine and approve budgets and administrative accounts of municipalities and public institutions.

Personal services:

1- Office of the Chief of personal serviceThis office is responsible for:

  1. The application of regulatory laws governing the management of human resources.
  2. Coordination between the personnel and service financial management.

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