As part of the activation of the communicative strategy  and desirous of openness to the outside perimeter and in order to promote and develop communication and to provide Answers about the questions posed by the citizens in conditions characterized by the increasing attention being given by the Algerian state to communicate with citizens and In order to effectuate the principle of the right to access to information.

The wilaya of Mascara  has set up this website that would be the definition of cultural potential, touristIc, economic potential  and the level of development that the  province has reached.

It also contains a variety of information and provides several utilities in this field in addition to a range of other interactive nature of the services that this site will be submitted to the citizens.

Regular communication with the population of the state was and remains among our priorities and through all modes available communication, and in the forefront website like this that we wanted to be an open window solidified links with citizens on a daily basis.

The wilaya of Mascara has huge natural potentials, particularly in the agricultural and mining fields and investment opportunities in the branches of activities related to the processing and preservation of agricultural products and the manufacture of building materials.

Its position on the west side of the country allows it to be the center of the intersection 

cross qualify it to benefit from the the capabilities of and development as well as investment in productive activities.

In addition, this site will be the interface of the Wilaya of Mascara in the world of Internet and modern technologies.

You will find full attention in terms of accompanying the various services of the wilaya.


                                                                       The Wali of Wilaya of Mascara

                                                                                           LEBKA MOHAMED           

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