Zahana (formerly Saint-Lucien during colonization) is a municipality of the wilaya of Mascara, located a32 km southeast of Oran.

The territory of the municipality of Zahana is located west of the wilaya of Mascara, and adjacent to the south of the wilaya of Sidi Bel Abbesand northwest of the Oran.

It extends over an area of ​​183 km2 and has a population of 24,472 inhabitants (in 31/12/2013). The population density is 134 inhabitants per km2.

The municipality Zahana is the third largest municipality in the Wilaya.

In 1876, the city is named Saint-Lucien. In 1958, she was part of the former Department of MostaganemAfter independence, it was renamed in honor of the Zahana independence Algerian Ahmed Zabana.

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