Tighennif is a commune in the wilaya of Mascara belonging to the daïra Tighennif.

Surrounded by KhalouiaMaoussa and Sidi KadaTighennif is located 9 miles northwest of Sidi Kada.

The city was founded January 28, 1870 under the name Palikao by the French around Douar Ternif (or Tighennif). It was named in honor of General Cousin-Montauban named Count Palikao after his victory over the Chinese in the Battle of Palikao (1860)At independence in 1962 the city takes its name from Tighennif.

It extends over an area of ​​108 km2 and has a population of 69,671 inhabitants (in 31/12/2013). The population density is 645 inhabitants per km2.


Fax: 045 86 06 01

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