History of the municipality of Sehaîlia:

Sehaîlia it is a common belonging to the Tighenif Districtfrom the administrative division 1984
This is in accordance with Article 33 of Law No. 84/09which corresponds to February 4, 1984 in the organization of the regional president.

Among the most important historical monuments Bosst shabu, one of the most important centers of torture well, there was a mass grave.
For more than a thousand martyrs of the various source regions and the center spokein addition to the Syrian writer
The famous battle that took place skylights Mount (well common light) next to the municipal boundaries of Sehaîlia

Surrounded by El MenaouerKhalouia and El BordjSehaîlia is located 7 km south-east of El Bordj the largest city in the area, it is located 696 meters above sea level.

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