The city is located in front of the last foothills of the mountains of Beni Chougranes and at the entrance of the plain of La Habra.

The popular districts of the city of Mohammedia areKouadriaBekhaitiaGrabaMakanguia "Rue Mohamed Shahid Benhebba," said Laurent suburb Bourora (Krim Larbi KheireddineBeaver and 40 houses.

New neighborhoods were built after the 1980s as the housing 300 (November); the 500 units launched the project construction of a new city on the mountains of Ouled-Malek was the southern outskirts of Mohammedia in the housing program Bouteflika after 2008.

It extends over an area of 162 km2 and has a population of 94,859 inhabitants (in 31/12/2013). The population density is 586 inhabitants per km2.

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