Ghriss is a circle that was created as part of the administrative division of 1974

It includes five municipalities, namely: the common GhrissMaoussa townthe town of Sidi Bou Said, Matemore the townthe town of Makda.

It contains the following offices:

1 Office of the Secretariat of the President of the Board:

     The recording of incoming and outgoing mail for the interests of the department.
     Management of incoming calls to the head of the department.
     Sealing of the following documents for the national identity card - passport .......
     Provide data and officials, according to each recipe wishing to visit the head of the department.

To remind the head of the department of meeting dates and Kherjat field and working visits.
Save copies of the Secretariat of outgoing mail and CDA copies of telegrams
Prepare letter prepared by the Bureau of Statistics offices.
Reception of citizens set aside a day for this appointment

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