Nature of request

measures taken


07 local requests for professional use.

- Application Review by the Committee  of Wilaya.


12 Job Applications

- Being invited the interested parties to register at the employment office in Ghriss.


04 Requests for aid for rural housing.

- Study of applications in accordance with the Ministerial Decree of 19.06.2013


24 social rented housing requests

- Studies of requests at the next housing program.


05 Applications for aid for the rehabilitation of old frames.

- Study of applications in accordance with the following acts and regulations expertise CLC.


17 different requests

- Concern of the various applications in accordance with laws and regulations.



Meetings balance sheet with society and town committees

The daïra Oued Taria is an Algerian administrative district located in the wilaya of Mascara.

The Daïra is the outcome of the administrative division of 1991.

It consists of two municipalitiesOued taria and Guerdjoum.

Chief place of Daira is located 32 km south from the capital of the Wilaya of Mascara an important link between Sidon on the RN 06.

It is limited:

to the north by Ghriss District.
to the east by the Aouf District.
to the west by the Daira of Ain Fekan

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