El Menaouer is an Algerian town, located in the El Bordj daïra and the wilaya of Mascara.

The townof El-MENAOUER wasnewly createdwheretheadministrative divisionafter the lastof the1984common mother-EL-BORDJ -and wasnamed after themountainof al-menaouer which liesEastof the townand isone of the symbolsofthe blessedrevolutionoùplusieursbattlesandspentmostsignificantof thoseheld on09/05/1957.

Located north-east of the provinceis bounded by:

East: the town of Sidi M'hammed Benaouda - Ghelizane

West: the town of El Bordj

North: the town of Kalaa - Ghelizane

South: the common Sehaîlia

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