Aïn Fekan is located at the west of the wilaya, on National Highway No. 07 connecting Mascara with  Sidi Bel Abes.

It is bounded on the north by daira Bou Hanifia and Oran; to the south by that of Oued Taria, Saida; to the west by the municipality of Ain Fras and the wilaya of Sidi Bel Abes. As for the East, by the daira Tizi and the  mother wilaya

It extends over an area of 183 km2 and has a population of 13,284 inhabitants (in 31/12/2013). The population density is 73 inhabitants per km2.

History of the city of Aïn Fekan:

Aïn Fekan experienced a considerable spring with the epic of (Yaala), head of the Beni Ifren and founder of the city. He has made this last the capital of a small emirate within the constituency of Umayyads, Fatimids enemies at Kérouan (900-950).

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